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Lars Johannsen

Managing Director

Lars Johannsen founded MARLEP in 2010. As an experienced operator and long-standing specialist in tank logistics, he is responsible for production and scheduling and purchasing the equipment. Without his many years of knowledge and expertise in tank logistics, there would be no MARLEP. He also runs the Polish subsidiary Marlep Trans with its own fleet. He works with Christian Bartelheimer on the management of strategic development and commercial processes.



Leadership and the provision of services and are now more demanding and multifaceted than ever before. Modern forms of work require flexibility just as much as they do the fulfilment of the individual needs of our customers. Everything is possible, everything is networked: and the tasks, just like the responsibility of managers, are becoming significantly more complex.

We keep pace with developments to enable us to meet the growing lists of requirements. We stay in tune with people and processes, and with the need to achieve our common goals. Personal.